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Questions for the first estate planning meeting

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Estate Administration & Probate

Estate planning examines fiscal matters during life and after death in Florida. People should properly manage assets for inheritance with estate planning. Any lawyer can draw up a will for straightforward situations, but specialists understand naming multiple beneficiaries and passing on retirement plans. Some estate plans may be more complex with different types of trusts and multiple heirs.

Questions for a potential estate-planning lawyer

Is their primary focus on estate planning? An expert would say yes and be current with all changes to statutes. How long have they been practicing? People should look for experienced experts who understand the hurdles of the process. People should ask if experts actually execute the plan or just draw it up. For a small fee, experts conduct periodic reviews that check necessary adjustments. Can the expert help create an estate plan that includes wills, trusts and life insurance? A specialist with experience should understand all of these areas.

How do the legal experts charge? Lawyers bill hourly or charge flat fees. People who may want revocable living trusts to avoid probate should see how the expert feels about them. Long-term physical and mental issues increase as life expectancy increases. An estate planning expert should know how to address other issues and how long the estate-planning project will take. Will the expert send estate planning documents to clients to review? People should review their estate planning to avoid miscommunication.

Questions the client should ask themselves

During the first meeting with an estate planning lawyer, the client should ask themselves if they feel comfortable. Does the expert communicate well, and do both parties’ values align? Can a person see themselves talking with an expert about all personal matters? People’s instincts may determine if the legal expert is best for them. Estate planning can be complex legally and emotionally.

A good estate plan allows loved ones to receive assets without unnecessary delays after the owner’s death. There are many questions people should ask themselves and estate planning experts during their first meeting. The expert should have experience with all aspects of estate planning, including knowledge of all law changes.