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Divorcing a difficult spouse

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Divorce

The divorce process is difficult. And it becomes more difficult when there is an uncooperative partner involved. If you are going through this situation and live in Florida, the process can be smoother if you act with decisiveness.

A difficult process

If you are dealing with an uncooperative partner, your situation is not rare. Actually, most divorces are not amicable or peaceful. Nonetheless, the following considerations are important when dealing with a partner who does not want to cooperate:

  • It is best to talk about divorce in a non-threatening manner.
  • You are not at fault for seeking divorce.
  • The process of divorce can become easier if you act with compassion.

Often, spouses bring up the subject of divorce during fits of rage. The subject of divorce is, after all, an emotional topic. So it is important to bring up the topic during more serene moments. If you do the opposite, your partner can become increasingly reluctant.

Expect your spouse’s loved ones and friends to blame you. Expect your spouse to play the role of the victim. And expect from yourself feelings of guilt. Nonetheless, you should try to remain firm with your decision and not make important decisions without seeking advice.

Try to discuss the subject of divorce with compassion and kindness. And try to validate your spouse’s feelings. Unfortunately, there is always grief in a divorce. Consider the help of a mental health professional. A professional can support your spouse during this difficult process.

Looking at the big picture

It is not easy to cope with separation and divorce. But the process can become less complicated if you seek legal advice. Now it is time to act.