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Handling custody and visitation exchanges

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Family Law

For newly-divorced parents in Florida, one of the most difficult things they might have to deal with is the times when they exchange their children with each other. Making sure to arrive on time as called for by the parenting plan is just one part of it. Exchanges of the children between the parents are also times when emotional conflicts can occur since the parents will be meeting. Here are some ways to make exchanges less stressful for everyone involved.

Rely on a neutral third party

In some situations, it might be a good idea to conduct exchanges of the children through a neutral third party such as a neighbor or someone else. This might be important when one or both parents tend to engage in conflicts whenever they interact because it can prevent the children from having to witness that type of behavior while also ensuring the safety of the parents. If they can do so, the parents might agree on a specific person to oversee the exchanges. In the event there is a history of domestic violence between the parents, supervised exchanges might be included in the parenting plan. However, even if there is no history of violence, it might still be a good idea to exchange children in the presence of a neutral third party to minimize potential conflicts.

View the situation objectively

Soon after a divorce, parents might not be objective about the situation and hold onto hurt feelings and resentment towards each other. Taking some time to think about the situation from an objective perspective might help. For example, most children benefit from having liberal time to spend with each parent so that they can grow into well-adjusted adults. When the children are not with a parent, that parent can also use that time to spend on themselves and their hobbies.

Exchanging children with an ex-spouse is something most divorced parents have to deal with. As time passes, they might learn how to effectively co-parent so that the stress of the situation can lessen.