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Will a divorce lead to happiness?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Divorce

Thousands of Florida residents are either going through a divorce, contemplating a divorce or are living through the aftermath of a divorce. Divorce represents the last resort in resolving an unhappy marriage, but the open question is whether it truly leads to better outcomes for those who choose divorce.

The answer turns out to be somewhat complicated – Divorce doesn’t always lead to happiness in the future for the divorced couple. However, there are reasons why divorce can produce better outcomes and is worth pursuing.

The limits of divorce on happiness

People generally choose divorce as a result of not feeling happy in their marriage. But the root cause of unhappiness often doesn’t lie within the marriage. And in these cases, divorce isn’t going to fix those underlying issues.

Divorce won’t reduce depression or other mental ailments or struggles. Nor is it likely to cure addictive behaviors, or lead to greater fulfillment in professional life.

Further, divorce typically increases financial instability for both partners, which can often be a major source of stress. As a result, plenty of couples report feeling no happier after ending their marriage.

Why divorce does lead to happiness

One important point is that some marriages are legitimately dysfunctional. This is especially true in the case where one or both spouses are abusive (and keep in mind that emotional abuse qualifies). Similarly, if one or more partners have serious addictive behaviors, this can put too much strain on a marriage.

Additionally, the majority of divorced people who re-marry report feeling happier with their new marriage than the previous one. So, there’s evidence that getting out of a bad marriage can set you up to find a healthier one.

Finally, there’s a noticeable difference in happiness post-divorce by gender. Women are more likely to be happier after a divorce than men.

Finding happiness after a divorce is not as simple as it may seem. Not all people find greater happiness and some experience different challenges. But there are some circumstances in which divorce leads to greater happiness.