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Co-parents, it’s time to think about next school year

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Family Law

Now that summer has arrived, many co-parents may feel a sense of relief from the hectic pace of the school year. As such, this period offers an excellent opportunity to start planning for the next school year

Proactive planning can prevent stress and conflicts, helping to ensure a smoother transition for both parents and children. For example, one of the primary benefits of early planning is the ability to address and resolve potential scheduling conflicts before they arise. The school year features numerous activities, including sports, extracurriculars and academic obligations. By discussing and coordinating schedules during the summer, co-parents can create a more balanced and manageable calendar that accommodates everyone’s commitments. 

Preparing for academic success

Academic success requires preparation and support from both parents. If you are a co-parent, you may see some room for improvement in this area of your family life, or you may be eager to capitalize on the successes of this last school year. 

Early planning allows you and your co-parent to discuss and agree on strategies to support your child’s education accordingly. This might include deciding on homework schedules, identifying and addressing any learning challenges and ensuring that necessary school supplies and materials are purchased in advance. Additionally, you can discuss how you will communicate with teachers and stay informed about their child’s progress, creating a unified approach to academic support.

The same logic of this approach can apply to proactive discussions concerning your child’s social well-being, extracurricular involvement, overall health, approach to technology and a host of other issues that may be important to you – and them – right now. 

The thought of spending your relaxing summer preparing for the next wave of academic year challenges can be a little daunting. However, your future self – and your child and co-parent alike – may just thank you for making this investment of your time and energy.