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I Assist Clients Who Are Seeking A Collaborative Divorce

At the Thomas-McDonald Law Firm, P.A. Firm, I assist clients who are seeking an amicable solution to the dissolution of their marriage. If you and your spouse are looking to end your marriage but do not wish to engage in a lengthy and contentious divorce, then a collaborative divorce might be an ideal solution for you. This process enables couples to separate and work with their lawyers outside of a courtroom to amicably end the marriage and divide the marital assets. By choosing this method, you are avoiding the uncertainty of litigation and a court proceeding, and you can maintain your privacy.

Collaborative Divorce Provides Unique Benefits For Divorcees

At my office, I recommend that separating couples try the collaborative divorce process before they resort to filing for divorce in a traditional court. I believe that my clients can benefit from collaborative divorce for four reasons:

1. Collaborative Divorce Can Be A Lower Cost Alternative

By avoiding taking your divorce to court, you can lower the administrative costs of a divorce by eliminating court fees and by reducing the amount of attorneys’ fees that you would be paying. With a collaborative divorce, you are more likely to have less conflict and thus fewer fights with your spouse and between your lawyers, which you have to pay for.

2. Collaborative Divorce Can Be A More Private Option For You

When you chose to have a collaborative divorce, your private affairs will not be subject to the public scrutiny that would accompany a court-supervised divorce. The information disclosed in this process can remain private and confidential.

3. Collaborative Divorce Can Provide You With Flexible Solutions

When you take your divorce to court, you are limited to the solutions that the judge can provide under Florida law, which may not lead to a fair outcome for both parties. However, by choosing an alternative to the courtroom, you can compose a tailored solution that works for both of you.

4. Collaborative Divorce Can Save You Significant Time

A contested divorce can last years in the Florida court system, costing you time and money that you could otherwise be spending on yourself and your family instead of on attorneys and the court system. With a collaborative divorce, you can have your divorce resolved in a much shorter time, giving you and your family a chance to move on faster with more of your assets intact.

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