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Top Tips for Mental Health for Those Contemplating Divorce in the COVID-19 Pandemic

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Firm News

Divorce can cause mental health issues and depression even at the best of times. However, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the strain is even greater. Trying to cope with the anger, loneliness, and sadness that marital disruption causes under the current circumstances is especially challenging.

People have sometimes described divorce as a form of bereavement – the death of love. Even if you were the one to initiate the divorce proceedings, it’s natural to feel loss and grief. Therefore, it’s essential to get through the process of grieving so you can begin to cope with the effect of separation.

Here, we look at some tips to help you manage your divorce-related negative emotions during the pandemic.

Caring for Your Physical Well-Being to Improve Your Mental Health

If your mind is going to function well in this stressful time, caring for your physical self is important. Going through a divorce will affect both your mental and physical health, especially during the current crisis.

Healthy eating is a good way to help boost your physical and mental stability. Proper nutrition, paired with being able to regulate your weight, will help you to cope more effectively with your divorce.

Exercising will also help you to manage stress. Even if you’re unable to go to the gym because of the pandemic, you can work out at home. Avoiding alcohol and drugs will also help you to maintain good mental and physical health. When you need to relieve stress, try meditation, art, or using breathing techniques instead.

Maintain Your Sense of Humor and Positive Attitude

Although going through a divorce will always be tough, it’s important to find ways to boost your spirits. Don’t view your ending marriage as a failure. Instead, view it as a chance to begin a new life. Divorce allows you to learn from your mistakes and start again.

Try to surround yourself with energizing and positive people who can make you happy. This will decrease your feelings of helplessness, loneliness, or stress. If you can’t meet up with others because of social distancing, you can call or message them, or video chat.

Watch some comedies or funny movies or listen to music that uplifts you – this can all help your mental well-being.

Don’t Force A New Relationship

It can be tempting to return to dating immediately now that you’re single again. Yet, your efforts to find a new partner may negatively affect your mental well-being. You may feel impatient, stressed, isolated, and angry. This is especially likely in the current pandemic situation, where there are limited dating opportunities.

Try focusing on yourself instead. Learn more about who you are as an individual before considering dating again. This is a great time to rediscover your interests and passions.

Seek Professional Help

When you’re contemplating or going through a divorce, seeking help from an attorney should be your first port of call. Here at TM Law, our family law team members are experts in the field. We can help you navigate your way to the optimal outcome. However, it’s equally important to remember your mental health, too. Divorce is often damaging to mental health. Therefore, taking care of your well-being at this challenging time is imperative. If you’re struggling, especially during the current COVID-19 climate, you should seek professional help. There are websites and counseling services that can support you through the difficult days. Getting advice from these sources is just as important as getting legal advice.