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I Assist Floridians With Planning Their Estate With Wills And Trusts

At Thomas-McDonald Law Firm, P.A. Firm, I am committed to helping the members of my community with the planning for their twilight years so that they can finish with dignity and confidence that their final wishes shall be properly honored. My services include assisting clients with drafting a last will and testament as well as an advanced directive.

A Last Will And Testament Allows You To Direct Where Your Assets Go

Florida wills allow for the testator, the legal term for the person who is named in the will, to have the opportunity to direct how their assets will be distributed to their heirs and beneficiaries. This means that you can tailor how you wish to provide for your family, your spouse, children, other relatives and even your pets. You can also make gifts under your will to charities and nonfamily members.

A Testamentary Trust Can Ensure Your Beneficiaries Are Provided For

You may also create a testamentary trust, which is a trust that is created in a will from some or all of the assets in your estate. With this trust, you can designate beneficiaries who will receive the income generated by the assets that are held in trust, this normally is your family, but it can also include friends and charitable organizations.

Advanced Directives Protect Your Medical Decisions While You Are Alive

Alongside your will, I can also help you draft an advanced directive, also known as a living will. An advanced directive appoints an individual to carry out your wishes for your medical treatment if you should become unable to communicate those wishes or become mentally incapacitated. The provisions of this document take effect while you are still living, and then your last will and testament takes effect when you are deceased.

The Probate Process Ensures Your Wishes Are Followed

In order for your will to take effect, then it will need to be proven in Florida probate court. Probate is when a court supervises the implementation of the terms of a will through the work of an executor, who is the individual designated in the will to carry out its effects.

If the will has been properly drafted and there are no issues, it can normally be probated without issue. However, for the will to be self-proving, there are specific requirements. The will has to include a signed and notarized affidavit that includes yourself and several witnesses, such that it proves everyone’s identities and that they are aware that they are witnessing a will.

Call My Office If You Need An Estate Plan

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