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How to navigate a toxic divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Divorce

Divorces in Florida are never easy. Unfortunately, some divorces can become quite toxic. That’s especially true when one parent wants to inflict pain and emotional distress on the other party. When there are children of the marriage, they can get drawn into the toxicity. There are some steps people can take to protect themselves during a toxic divorce.

Court-appointed judges

It’s not uncommon for toxic divorces to drag on for years. The contentious party may use legal maneuverings to delay the proceedings. That can include failing to pay child support, disparaging the other party, or making legal threats.

An appointed judge can help alleviate those tactics. Appointed judges follow the toxic divorce all the way through the process. They have the power to take steps to stop the legal maneuverings.

Legal trustees

It’s not uncommon for toxic parties to hide assets or use other tactics to delay the divorce. A legal trustee can help track down missing assets so they can get divided fairly during the divorce.

Support system

When someone goes through a toxic divorce, they need a strong support system. During a toxic divorce, the other party may use threats, intimidation, and other tactics to gain control of the divorce. A strong support system can provide emotional support and protection.

Clear orders

When toxicity enters a divorce, basic court orders may not work. In many cases, the toxic party will use standard orders to intimidate and undermine the other party. Clear and detailed court orders can help alleviate the problems.

Divorces don’t need to become toxic. When they do, steps are available to reduce the problems associated with a toxic divorce.