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The problem with staying together for the kids

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | Divorce

Getting divorced with children can be complex. For some couples, it’s even hard to determine if they want to divorce or not. Someone may know that they want to file for divorce, and a couple may even agree that they want to end the marriage. But they’re not sure if that’s best for the children, so they decide to stay together.

In this situation, the couple has correctly recognized that divorce can be difficult for children. This is why it’s so important to consider how you break the news and how you can provide stability in their lives during this difficult time. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better to stay together for the children, and it may even be worse.

Is the conflict level increasing?

The big question to ask is what the conflict level is like in the home. Some couples are still on relatively good terms, even though they don’t want to be married, and conflict levels may be low. But many couples who are on the verge of a breakup are having constant disagreements and arguments. The conflict level may get worse with time.

What researchers have found is that it’s often better for children in this situation if their parents get divorced. Staying together can actually cause harm because the child is trapped in a high-conflict home. Divorced parents may actually wind up being better parents for their children.

Of course, every situation is unique, but this does show some of the considerations involving children and divorce. Those who are working their way through this process need to carefully consider all of their legal options.